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Ken Clark / Chenal Family Therapy

Ken Clark is the Founder and Practice Director of Chenal Family Therapy here in Little Rock. Under his leadership, CFT has grown by nearly 70% annually since its inception in 2010. Ken specializes in working with high conflict couples, business owners and high-powered sales professionals, complex family issues involving multiple members and generations, anger management, sex / intimacy issues, and personality disorders (specializing in Borderline Personality Disorder). Continue reading

Brian Mears, CRNA / Arkansas Ketamine Clinics

Brian Mears, CRNA, has spent his career exploring pain management techniques, with a particular focus on regional anesthesia and ketamine therapy. He’s brought this experience to Arkansas Ketamine Clinics in Little Rock, Arkansas, heading up the state’s only clinic that specializes in IV ketamine therapy: A revolutionary solution for longtime sufferers of treatment-resistant mental disorders and chronic pain. Continue reading

Dr. Jim Karrh / Managing the Message

Dr. Jim Karrh is an expert at helping business professionals, teams, and entire organizations lead more effective conversations with customers, clients, members, donors, and other stakeholders.

Jim’s award-winning column, “Karrh On Marketing,” has been a staple in Arkansas Business since 2001. Continue reading

Justin Carmody / Conveyor Technology

With a God inspired thought and the knowledge that the customer is always right, Justin Carmody founded Conveyor Technology in November of 1994. Through years of hard work, excellence in service, and great products, the company has experienced rapid growth and is now positioned as North America’s largest dealer of drum motors. Continue reading

Chris Coleman / Safe Foods

Chris Coleman is the President and CEO of Safe Foods Corporation. He was appointed to the position in January of 2017 at the age of 43. Before acting as CEO, Chris occupied positions within the company as manager of corporate communication and client services, director of marketing, and VP of customer support & solutions, as well as VP of global market development. Continue reading

Brad Fugere / FLUX Creative

Brad Fugere is the owner of two business in Little Rock: Brad Fugere Wedding Films and Flux Creative, which is his commercial video production brand. Continue reading

Dr. Grant Dennis / Specific Chiropractic Center – Little Rock

Dr. Dennis has a profound love for empowering the community he grew up in to reach their full health potential by maximizing the most important system in your body: the nervous system. Continue reading

Frank Lawrence / Little Rock Athletic Centers

Frank Lawrence is the CEO and part owner of the Little Rock Athletic Clubs. He is responsible for managing the LRAC’s 4 clubs and its 350+ employees. Frank attributes his skills in building and running a business to his time working with community and national banks in his past career. Continue reading

Dennis Wilson / Wilson & Haubert, PLLC

Dennis K. Wilson is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law. He served as a law clerk for the honorable Morris S. Arnold, Federal Appeals Court Judge for the United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Judicial Circuit. Before opening his own firm in 1996, Dennis practiced Estate Law with Miller Looney & Associates of Little Rock, Arkansas. Continue reading

Mike Davidson / Parkway Automotive & The American Skilled Labor Association

Mike Davidson entered the automotive industry in 1984 as a detail worker at a GMC truck dealership. In 1998, he opened Parkway Automotive at the age of 33. Mike is the president and founder of the American Skilled Labor Association, as well as an ASE Certified Automotive Technician. Continue reading