Brian Mears, CRNA / Arkansas Ketamine Clinics

Brian Mears, CRNA, has spent his career exploring pain management techniques, with a particular focus on regional anesthesia and ketamine therapy. He’s brought this experience to Arkansas Ketamine Clinics in Little Rock, Arkansas, heading up the state’s only clinic that specializes in IV ketamine therapy: A revolutionary solution for longtime sufferers of treatment-resistant mental disorders and chronic pain.

Trained in anesthesiology, Brian understands the potential of ketamine therapy in treating pain, depression, and other disorders that have a huge impact on how people function. In his practice, he’s had a 75% success rate helping his patients lead happy, productive lives again. Brian is a native Arkansan with extensive experience in both the academic and private practice settings. His approach is hands-on and personable, making sure his patients are comfortable and well cared for throughout their treatments.

Outside of his medical life, Brian served in the United States Army Reserve for over 20 years and is a veteran of Operations Enduring Freedom and Freedom’s Sentinel. Brian has been happily married to Leilani Mears for almost 20 years, and they have three wonderful children.



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Brian Mears, CRNA / Arkansas Ketamine Clinics

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