Dr. Grant Dennis / Specific Chiropractic Center – Little Rock

Dr. Dennis has a profound love for empowering the community he grew up in to reach their full health potential by maximizing the most important system in your body: the nervous system. He has dedicated his life’s work to giving people hope who have tried everything under the sun to resolve their health issues through upper cervical chiropractic care. In his time at Parker, he was introduced to the Parker Principles, most notably, “Develop a compassion to serve that is greater than the compulsion to survive,” which he chooses to guide him daily in private practice.

He now resides in Little Rock, Arkansas, as the clinic director of the Specific Chiropractic Center-Little Rock, and specializes in helping men and women who enjoy outdoor sports, as much he does, do the things they love doing without their health becoming a barrier between health and happiness.



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Dr. Grant Dennis / Specific Chiropractic Center – Little Rock

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