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Brent Medders / Dominos Pizza

Brent always dreamed of owning his own business. When he joined Domino’s, he was convinced his dream would come true. Since 1982, he has owned over 40 Domino’s locations in his career, sold quite a few, and today he owns 24 Domino’s stores with 2 more under construction, all located in Arkansas. Continue reading

Mark Hill / Vortylon

Mark’s expertise is in sales and marketing management. His career includes national executive and board level positions. After building a world-class sales organization for a fortune 500 company in Europe he transferred to the US in 1997. As Chief Marketing Officer his team facilitated a press conference for a US Continue reading

Amy Hester / HD Nursing

Dr. Amy Hester is the Director of Nursing Research and Innovation at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences as well as the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of HD Nursing. Her 25 years of nursing experience include over a decade of med/surge and neuro nursing followed by unit management and hospital administration. Continue reading

Shawn & Terasa Reisman / American Container Repair, Inc.

Shawn had been working in the waste industry for 20+ years, and he saw a need for fabricating/repairing dumpsters. Terasa had been managing multi-million dollar companies for over 20 years and was working very long hours. After lots of prayer, they decided that with his waste experience and her management experience they were going to take a step of faith Continue reading

Collin McReynolds / Crave Fuel LLC

Collin was fed up with accepting less for herself. She was tired of feeling down, sleeping poorly, having low energy, and accepting that was “ok” because it was “normal.” What we eat is typically determined by either how we want to look or what we are craving. Collin believed these could and should be the same. Continue reading

Natalie Ghidotti / Ghidotti Communications

Natalie Ghidotti is the Founder/CEO of Ghidotti Communications here in Little Rock, which she founded in 2007. She holds the Accreditation in Public Relations and has grown her company to provide integrated marketing with an emphasis in public relations and content marketing to a wide range of clients Continue reading

Fitz Hill / Scott Ford Center for Entrepreneurship

Hill returned to Arkansas in December 2004, becoming executive director of the Ouachita Opportunity Fund at Ouachita Baptist University as well as co-founder and co-general manager of Life Champs Sports, a youth sports program headquartered in Little Rock. From 2004 to 2006, he was a visiting scholar and research associate at the University of Central Florida DeVos Sport Business Management Program. Continue reading

Clay Mosely / Rock City Digital

Clay’s entrepreneurial story starts with being fired from every job he ever held. His first job out of college was working as an insurance fraud investigator. It didn’t take long to realize that job wasn’t for him. For the next 10 years, Clay hopped jobs, getting fired from each one. Continue reading

Ken Clark / Chenal Family Therapy

Ken Clark is the Founder and Practice Director of Chenal Family Therapy here in Little Rock. Under his leadership, CFT has grown by nearly 70% annually since its inception in 2010.Ken specializes in working with high conflict couples, business owners and high-powered sales professionals Continue reading

Brent Medders / Dominos Pizza Franchisee

Brent always dreamed of owning his own business. When he joined Domino’s, he was convinced his dream would come true. Since 1982, he has owned over 40 Domino’s locations in his career Continue reading